Welcome to Grassroots Wavelengths!


A European Action for Com­munity Aware­ness

The inter­net has helped to bring people togeth­er from all over the world, but it has not helped neigh­bor­hoods or com­munit­ies nearly as well. The Grass­root Wavelengths pro­ject is pilot­ing solu­tions for com­munity inform­a­tion plat­forms and media plur­al­ism, work­ing to:

  • lower the bar­ri­ers to start and sus­tain a com­munity radio sta­tion
  • cre­ate region­al and European-wide net­works of sta­tions that can pool com­munity-level resources
  • co-innov­ate col­lab­or­at­ive media ser­vices
  • increase the per­meab­il­ity and impact of those sta­tions through acom­bin­a­tion of exist­ing digit­al and nondi­git­al tech­no­lo­gies

Grass­roots Wavelengths brings togeth­er engin­eers, social sci­ent­ists, artists, design­ers, and com­munit­ies to redesign com­munity radio tech­no­logy from scratch.


GW will start in three rur­al com­munit­ies: the islands of West­ern Ire­land, the Danube Delta in Romania, and the island of Madeira in Por­tugal. Often called “peri­pher­al,” these com­munit­ies are typ­ic­ally not con­sidered epi­cen­ters of new tech­no­logy devel­op­ment. The needs for com­mu­nic­a­tion is no less in such com­munit­ies, though they are dif­fer­ent. While the tech­no­logy being developed will work just as well in more urb­an areas, we are devel­op­ing GW to work in rur­al areas first.


Grass­root Wavelengths (GW) seeks to increase the capa­cit­ies of these sta­tions, while at the same time mak­ing them less expens­ive and more simple to oper­ate. Our goal is to dra­mat­ic­ally increase the num­ber of sta­tions in Europe and around the world. We start from peri­pher­al and rur­al areas, usu­ally most in need of loc­al media

GW is build on the RootIO radio plat­form, a free/open hard­ware and soft­ware stack that allows the cre­ation of a sta­tion based on an inex­pens­ive smart phone. Com­munity mem­bers listen on FM radio, and inter­act with the sta­tion through the Web and their phones.


About the pro­ject: The Grass­root Wavelengths pro­ject is fun­ded through the European Commission’s Hori­zon 2020 frame­work, under the for­ward-look­ing Col­lect­ive Aware­ness Pro­gram (ICT-11).